Ash Jewelry – Necklace Dark Blue Heart



A heart in a 45 cm. long silver chain. The heart measures approx. 3 cm. You can choose between a silver or gold-plated silver chain instead – the price is the same! Please let me know in the comments if you wish to change it.

When you buy one you will get a FREE love-angel. In the heart there will be ashes from your pet. The angel measures approx. 2 cm. It can be used as a suspension, lie in your pocket, put in the key bundle, lie on the night table …. or whatever you think fits your needs 🙂

The ash will appear to be a beautiful and distinct effect in the glass bead that has a beautiful shine.

If you wish another color, please let me know.

The glass bead measures approx. 2 cm.

A certificate of authenticity is issued which guarantees that your jewelry is made with ashes from your pet.

Choose an insured shipment for 9 GBP.

Send approx. 1 tsp. ash to:

Anne-Mette Lai, Jasminvej 5 Salten, 8653 Them.

From the time I receive the ashes, it will take approx. 5 – 7 days before I send the finished jewelry to you.


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